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WEC Innovation


WEC Innovation Co., Ltd was established in 2010, with a group of software specialists and semiconductors marketing professionals as partners. The main objective was to provide custom software integration services coupled with accurate market analysis to assist customers in formulating product specifications as close as possible to the market perspective and to develop goods to meet consumer demand. WEC Innovation’s products have been exported by our customers to Europe, China, North America, South America, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries accounting for more than 90% of its sales.

Currently, we are focusing on building innovated IoT solutions. WEC innovation will market its own products to the World by cooperating closely with local partners in hope of creating a larger profit share. We also can assist our customers to build up their own products, from an idea to the end product. Every signal details of new product will be carefully examined. Let WEC Innovation devise the most efficient and accurate management policy to create together the best business environment model. In order to facilitate a symbiotic working partnership, each partner will cooperate in the project so as to maximize the revenue effects.

WEC Innovation will run the business on three fronts: 1. as a professional technology IoT solution provider 2. as a specialist software service and 3. as a professional technology marketing service, among of them can support and assist each other. We will focus on customized solution for each customer to cater for the different needs which is our goal and direction. In future technology and marketing projects may require more information marketing service companies also. During the process of pre-production formulation, a pre-market evaluation will enable products to be made closer to the market requirements. These three main lines will continue to further outward development and hopefully, in the near future, the size and depth of the projects can expand considerably.

to bring the best solution and service to our customers

to explore, to develop and to expand the new applications of IoT solutions to the world

1D/2D Barcode technology

Biometrics technology

Intelligent cloud service


Process improvement and Innovation

Optimization of production management

Strengthening supply chain management

Precisely meeting customer order requirements

Effective control of the production cost

Rapid response production processes

Various stages of quality control management

Foresight and Thinking Transposition to achieve the best mode of production


Caring for Planet Earth

Let the permanent management of Planet Earth be our guiding philosophy. During the process of product development, let us consider as far as possible, not to harm Planet Earth’s resources and we hope that our cooperating corporate partners can also abide to similar social philosophy. Our goal is to use green energy for the sake of the ecological harmony of the planet, zero pollution of the environment and to pass along the mission of mankind in protecting life – which is a simple ideal and objective but most probably, will become the next stage of human existence.

Sustainable Management

Each development project will need to incorporate sustainability aspects. At each step in the decision making process, corporate social considerations should be given to the environment and the economy. WEC Innovation should properly consider how to fulfill its social responsibility. Our action is to effectively balance corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility. By placing WEC Innovation expectations in a positive perspective, the company has set up a mechanism to improve the cost, capital budget planning, performance evaluation capacity and product designing. In response to the society’s expectations for a positive product, we hope to achieve complete integration.